The Word of Life: 1 John 1:1-4

John’s testimony of Jesus Christ as the Word of life is the foundational truth that exposes the lies of the false teachers in 1 John. These antichrists who are attempting to destroy the churches in Asia Minor, taught lies regarding the Person and work of Jesus Christ. The readers to whom John was writing were already saved, but… Read More »

The False Teachers and Antichrists of 1 John

Who’s Your Daddy? In his first epistle John refutes the lies, heresies and life of the false teachers who have created a crisis in the churches in Asia Minor. For John, the apostle with the most intimate of relationships with our Lord and Savior, the denial of Jesus as God who became man evokes the harshest of labels… Read More »

Hell, The Biblical Reality

  At the moment of death, when your soul separates from the mortal body, your future is eternally and irrevocably fixed. In that moment, you will either be welcomed into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious throne of God and the multitudes of believers, friends, and loved ones… or, your experience will be that of… Read More »

What Is Saving Faith?

  The only condition for salvation is faith in the gospel. But what kind of faith is saving faith? Is there a type of faith that does not save? What about all the other Scriptures in the Bible that seem to state we must believe and do a number of other things such as repent, confess, be baptized,… Read More »

Sound Doctrine and the Relationship Between Love, Fear, and Hate

Today, spiritual people are expected to love, while never showing fear or hate, and be peaceful, while never expressing anger or judgment. The enemy’s desire in the church is to deceive by promoting a false Christianity. The church, by following cultural ideals of “righteous” behavior, moves away from sound or healthy doctrine (1 Tim 1:10; 2 Tim 4:3; Tit… Read More »